6 Tips and Tricks for Coaching Remotely

It’s hard to go remote, especially for people that have traditionally relied on in person client relationships.  We’ll walk you through tips and tricks for success at going remote.

  1. Use a phone mount or laptop for your camera
    • The last thing you want is to be demonstrating a workout while holding your phone or camera.  If you are using a phone, we recommend using a mount.  Amazon sells them for around $20.  If you’re using a laptop, make sure you have it set on an elevated surface so your clients can see you.  If you can’t afford a phone mount or need additional support, please send us a note to hello@yottled.com and we’ll help you get one.
  2. Create a plan
    • Fitness pros have always created plans for clients and it’s even easier in a remote setting.  Tools like google docs enable you to collaborate with your clients on shared exercises and goals.  Need to put together a plan?  Check out our sample here.
  3. Keep your clients engaged
    • We know fitness professionals aim to establish healthy lifestyles for their clients.  It’s different doing that in a remote setting.  Follow up with your clients via email or text at least once per week to see how they are doing with their fitness goals.  They will be more likely to be successful and achieve their goals that they established with you.  Need a template?  Check out a sample one here.
  4. Share on Social
    • We know the primary way coaches get clients is through word of mouth.  Use your network to your advantage and share your brand on social media!  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more are all great places to post compelling content and help establish a brand.
  5. Look Professional
    • Yottled is dedicated to ensuring we have professional images for you to use. We also know that you will want to use pictures of your own.  We recommend making sure your space is clean, looks professional, and showcases your talents for your clients.  Ask yourself “would I want to workout with this person?”
  6. Use Yottled!
    • Yottled is simple and provides everything you need to coach clients online.  It enables you with group classes for up to 100, video calls, notifications, reminders, the ability to accept credit cards, and more so you can stop worrying about complex technology and focus on your clients.

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