organic business growth strategies

Some small businesses seem to grow effortlessly and naturally. How do they do it? Something called organic growth. It’s not something that just happens to your business. Organic growth is a strategy you can implement to give your business a better chance of success. Here’s how it works.

What is an Organic Growth Business?

According to the Corporate Financial Institute there are three strategies the companies pursue to facilitate organic growth:

  1. Continual optimization of commercial activities, which involves how goods and services are priced, marketed, and sold
  2. Reallocating funds into activities – e.g., production of high-earning goods – that fuel earnings and growth
  3. Developing new models for operations or creating and developing new goods to sell and/or services to offer


What makes growth organic? How is does a business facilitate organic growth? Well, the opposite of organic growth is called inorganic growth, and that just means growing through using resources. More often – this breaks down to spending money on ads, marketing, and using resources to acquire a customer (for the purpose of this, we’re going to talk about customer growth).

Organic growth is what you do to grow naturally:

In all cases of the above, the customer acquisition cost is $0

Inorganic is what you do to acquire customers via resources:

In all cases of the above, the customer acquisition cost is $100

Did you spend? It’s inorganic. Did the customer find you? It’s organic.

Wut? I am reliant on “inorganic”. What do I do?

Inorganic is a key part of growth but you might be missing a flywheel of customers, not to mention the option to take business from your competition. Building an organic growth business will unlock a new world of possibilities.

Here’s a top list of tools to investigate to set you on the path of growing your organic presence:

And a quick note on inorganic. Did you know that you can (seriously) look up every ad on Facebook?

Is Your Business On Track for Growth?

The last one is the real trick to keeping organic growth going. How do you know when your company needs to adapt or change in order to survive? If you’re concerned you might need to adapt your services, you can learn more about how and when to pivot a business. But if you are still slowly growing your company, keeping up with demand, there isn’t too much competition to grow, and you still believe your current offerings are the best services for your clients, then hang in there. You might just be doing everything you can. What you’re experiencing is organic growth.