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From fitness instructors to real estate agents, Yottled has enabled thousands of people to sell their services online with no coding, plug-ins, or complex web builders.

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Dre and Jac

Dre and Jac is a small, online yoga studio.  They got up and running in a matter of seconds and don’t maintain a website.

“I tried to do Zoom classes on my own and felt a little chaotic.” Roman says it was super easy switching to Yottled to host remote events and process payments.  “It’s the difference between $20 an hour and $100 an hour with no commute.”

AaDya Security

AaDya Security is a cybersecurity startup out of Detroit that democratizes security services for small business. Marketing director Melissa Smith says the company just started using Yottled for online sales seminars, and to conduct market research.

Yottled allowed AaDya to add extra features to their seminars and webinars that would be more than Zoom offers but not as cumbersome as Eventbrite. Yottled also integrates with Hubspot, so it has potential for startups that want to do more than host live events.

Training Day Personal Fitness

Training Day is unique among personal training classes in the specialized content of the courses that might not always fit with a general fitness studio.

Malave uses the Yottled platform to build a business with features from classes to scheduling and payment processing that are explained by Yottled staff as they come online or any time he has a question.

Talygo Flow

Talygo Flow is a single person business that hosts online Qi Gong meditation.  She has integrated Yottled into her website for simple, easy booking of events, one-on-one appointments, and memberships.

Talygo Flow hosts movement classes, including a “flow” part of the class where clients sign up for a 40-minute session. D’alesandro has also created a meditation course in which she has clients dial in to a live class remotely.

Real Estate Driven

Nelle Tatum founded Real Estate Driven.  She works out of Texas, teaching real estate marketing across the country by hosting online classes. She loves that the Yottled platform helps her keep in touch with her 128,000 contacts she has accumulated since 2009.

Tatum uses Yottled to host coaching and classes, and distribute real estate educational content. She just released a live class, and loves that the platform sends email blasts and 24-hour reminders to her clients.

Carol Taylor Life Coaching

Carol Taylor runs a small business dedicated to small business marketing.  She uses Yottled to host webinars and packages.

Taylor loves how Yottled maintains her contacts and sends them announcements when she adds a new class. “There’s a 24-hour notification and a one-hour notification class reminder,” she adds. It includes a link to the meeting, so she doesn’t have to email all her clients links to each class they sign up for. 

Amanda K. Fitness

Amanda runs a small yoga and fitness studio out of her house.  She does corporate classes and individual training.

Amanda needed a website, Zoom or another streaming video conferencing service, a way to process credit card payments, and some way of keeping records of payments. She found Yottled through word of mouth, and it saved her a lot of anxiety.

Strong Mind Strong Body Fitness

Jamal Johnson is the owner of SMSB Fitness.  He needed a way to accept online payments, set up monthly membership programs, and facilitate easy appointment booking.

Once people are a member of Johnson’s business on Yottled, they can easily sign up for open training times. Strong Mind Strong Body Fitness offers customized strength conditioning, toning, aerobics, HIIT exercises–in person and through virtual events. 

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