Products Launch

Yottled is proud to announce the ability to list digital content on your Yottled website. Today, Yottled customers can sell any digital asset directly from their site.

Recurring Events and More

Recurring Events and More Holy smokes do we have a massive update for our hosts.  We have so many exciting things to talk about.  Let’s just get to it!  Don’t want to read the whole thing?  Here’s what you should know: New design: We have a brand new redesign to make the most critical actions […]

Feature Friday

Feature Friday It’s Feature Friday!  We just released a ton of new things at Yottled!  We want to ensure that you have the simplest experience possible when taking your in person service online. Here’s a few of the updates: Individual Sessions: Individual sessions are simple, automated bookings without the back and forth of email and text. […]

New CRM in Yottled

New CRM in Yottled We are excited to launch a Client Relationship Management (CRM) feature set in Yottled!  Anytime a client registers for a class, we add them to your client list.  Further, you can automatically notify your clients when you create new classes to help ensure they know about your offerings.  Let’s check out […]

Custom Waivers and Verified Coaches…oh my!

Custom Waivers and Verified Coaches…oh my! At Yottled, our goal is to help you coach online quickly, simply, and easily.  You get everything you need in one place and Yottled takes care of all of the details.   We’re happy to announce two updates this week.  First, you can now require users to accept your custom […]

Get Paid Automatically with Yottled and Stripe

Get Paid Automatically with Yottled and Stripe Today, we are proud to announce the launch of integrated payment with Stripe!  We’ve heard how important it is for coaches to look professional.  It’s increasingly difficult to know what to do in a remote space and Yottled’s taken care of everything for you.  Now you can focus […]

6 Tips and Tricks for Coaching Remotely

6 Tips and Tricks for Coaching Remotely It’s hard to go remote, especially for people that have traditionally relied on in person client relationships.  We’ll walk you through tips and tricks for success at going remote. Use a phone mount or laptop for your camera The last thing you want is to be demonstrating a […]

How to Start a Business in 5 Steps

When Will and I first created Yottled, we were told to set up several things for our business. It was difficult to understand, took weeks to get done, and was a barrier to us doing anything for our customers. We were fortunate enough to have resources, money, and people to help us navigate these confusing concepts and ideas. Not everyone is.

3 Reasons People Love Yottled

3 Reasons People Love Yottled Yottled recently did a survey and over 60% of people that had a client driven business needed help going remote.  We’re here to make it simple and easy so you can concentrate on your clients and establish a new way of working. Our goal is to get you coaching remotely […]