Feature Friday

It’s Feature Friday!  We just released a ton of new things at Yottled!  We want to ensure that you have the simplest experience possible when taking your in person service online.

Here’s a few of the updates:

  1. Individual Sessions: Individual sessions are simple, automated bookings without the back and forth of email and text.
    • We have elevated individual sessions to be a prominent part of the experience.  You now have a dedicated space to manage your individual sessions.
    • Individual sessions can now be marked as public or private.  If sessions are marked as private, they will still appear on your main website, but only those people that have the direct access to the session link will be able to book the one on one.
    • Individual sessions can now be re-ordered on your website.
    • The entire individual session creation has gone through a redesign to ensure that one on ones are simple and delightful.
  2. Images: Images are a core part of the brand that customers bring to the brand experience.  
    • We’ve re-designed the entire image design to include a new suite of images and better selection experience
  3. Classes for up to 100: Classes are set at a particular date and time, with room for up to 100 people.
    • You’re now able to manually add people to a class, even if you charge for the class.  Anyone that is manually added will receive the notifications and reminders but will not have to pay for the class. Have a co-host, invite someone for free, or if someone missed a class – add them back!
    • Notifications and reminders can now be previewed for any class.  Check out what you and your clients will see by experiencing the registration, 24 hour, and 60 minute reminders.
  4. Share your site: The backbone of our coaches success is their ability to get customers
    • We’ve added the ability to copy the link from any page in addition to our existing integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for working with us! Sign up for a free one week trial of our Coach edition now!