Simple, yet powerful

Every event you create has built in video, notifications, reminders, and integrated payment. Host events for up to 100 and set up 1:1 appointments for your clients. Host from anywhere, integrate with any website, and get data flowing into any CRM.

Create your own personal page with a dedicated link. Upload your own images or use Yottled’s to create a professional look. Learn more

Set your own schedule and hours. Host private appointments or events when you have time. Learn more

We takes care of notifications, rescheduling, and cancelations. Learn more

Offer monthly plans to your clients. Automate monthly revenue and leave the complex billing to Yottled. Learn more

Securely accept credit cards online.  Forget about chasing down payment with Venmo, PayPal, and cashapp. Learn more

Host private appointments or events for up to 100 people. Learn more

Personal Page

Tried a website builder like Wix, SquareSpace, or Shopify? Struggle to get up and running? We get it. Get exactly what you need to talk about your business, events, and offerings.

You get your own personal link to send your clients. Showcase your events, private appointments, and membership programs.

Use Yottled images or bring your own to fully customize your look.

Our average user gets set up in less than 3 minutes from a mobile device, site created, events made, and accepting credit cards.


Create a monthly membership with limited private appointments or events. You set the price along with weekly or monthly limits.

Design a monthly membership for unlimited private appointments or events. Clients pay one price set by you and have access to everything.

Automate monthly client billing. One monthly payment and access to events per your membership policies.

Provide your clients with an exclusive members only area. Simple registration for your clients, don’t just look professional but be professional, and deliver a premium experience.


Host one on one private appointments or events when you have time.

Connect your calendar and let Yottled know what your available hours are.

Send your page to clients or embed it on your website. For private appointments, clients pick a time that works best for them based on your calendar and availability. No more back and forth with text of email.

Clients and Yottled can’t see what is on your calendar, only your available time slots.

When they pick a time, you and your client will receive a notification and video information needed to connect.

Events set at a date and time automatically include video information needed to connect.


Automate monthly client billing. One monthly payment and access to events per your membership policies.

Still sending links with Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, and more to chase down payments with your clients?

With Yottled, we’ve partnered with Stripe, an online credit card processor, to provide the simplest integration possible.

Through Yottled, create a Stripe account or connect to your existing Stripe account. From there, Yottled automatically takes care of all of the technical pieces.

In just a few minutes, all of your paid events and private appointments will have a credit card form and your money is on the way to your bank or debit card.

Stripe charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. Yottled does not charge anything per transaction. You keep every dollar you make less the Stripe fees. Yottled has monthly pricing that can be viewed here.


Yottled automatically sends you and your clients a booking confirmation email every time a client registers for an event or private appointment. The confirmation email includes contact information, live video links to connect, payment details, and information about the event or private appointment.

We also send 24 hour and 60 minute reminder notifications prior to every event and private appointment with video links to ensure you and your client can get connected in the simplest way possible.

Automatically notify clients about new events so they can register. Clients are added to your Client Relationship Management database and historical events so you can keep track of clients, events, and maintain relationships.

Live Video Calls

Yottled has included Google Meet video into every event and private appointment. No more pasting Zoom links, other live video products. Yottled is the one stop shop for everything you need.

Create an event and that’s it. The video link is automatically put on your calendar, included in all of the notifications to you and your clients, and added to your clients calendars as soon as they register.

When a client registers for a private appointment, Yottled creates a brand new calendar event and video link dedicated to that appointment. Both you and your client will automatically be sent a calendar invite along with the live video link.

Want to see the upcoming events and private appointments? Yottled has included all of those on your Google calendar and on your dashboard. Simple and easy.