Get Paid Automatically with Yottled and Stripe

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of integrated payment with Stripe!  We’ve heard how important it is for coaches to look professional.  It’s increasingly difficult to know what to do in a remote space and Yottled’s taken care of everything for you.  Now you can focus on your craft and your client.

With integrated payment, your clients can now find a time that works best for you and them and pay you directly.  You get paid instantly.  Payment, notifications, cancellations, and rescheduling are all handled by Yottled.  You can have the confidence in having all your bases covered by using Yottled.

How do I set it up?

So how does it work and how easy is it? Here is our knowledge base article and you can also read on!

To start, sign up for a personal, professional page with Yottled.  You get to name it, brand it, and upload your own images.

Next, create your sessions.  Tell your customers what you’re offering, how long the sessions are, and your rates.

Next, connect Yottled to your Google Calendar so we can check for your availability and your clients can schedule time with you automatically.

Next, create or connect a Stripe account.  When clients schedule times with you, they pay immediately and receive notifications and calendar invites for the session.  You also receive calendar invites and notifications for the session.  We’ve even taken care of cancelations and rescheduling for both you and your client.  Yottled has focused on making this the easiest to use platform for fitness professionals.

If you need help figuring out “what is a sole proprietorship, LLC, etc”, we’ve put together a guide to help. Check it out here.

Last, we have heard from our clients Yottled is helping with scheduling in addition to finding new clients.  Post your personal Yottled link on social media to help find new customers!  If you’re interested in getting help from Yottled, let us know by emailing us at and we’d be happy to work with you to post your page on our social media accounts as well!

In summary, we have launched our integration today with Stripe!  Yottled can help you look professional, automate scheduling, video calls, and provide integrated payments for the easiest to use remote coaching platform.


Trevor and Will