How To List Your Business on Google

How do I list my company on Google? It’s a top question of small business owners, and the answer changes depending on your goals. We’ll walk you through how to list your business on Google so you can sell more and get more customers.

First, it’s important to know whether your goal is to advertise online to a target niche of customers, to list your company in a local directory of businesses, or to make your company searchable through organic search.

There are many options for online advertising besides Google, such as social media or sponsored content in online media, but Google is where you want to start to make your company discoverable to people searching online for what you provide. Here’s how to get started listing your company on Google.

How To Use Google Advertising

You would want to use Google advertising if you have a business you want people to discover online when they’re searching for a particular service, such as plumbing or massage therapy. This could be a local service, in which case you’ll want to read our section below on local listings. It could also be a listing for a product or service you sell exclusively online. Google banner ads and advertising search results are a type of storefront for your business, to make your shop visible to customers looking for businesses like yours. These days, many fitness instructors have joined artisans in selling online as well as in person, so consumers now look for unique gift ideas and gift certificates to service businesses and stores online. Google is where almost everyone goes to find products and services online.

Now, you can use Google Ads for Search and for Maps listings, which is cool for businesses that have a brick and mortar address. Check out the options at Google Ads. You’ll set up a budget, target a particular audience or keyword set, and then get analytics on who is seeing your ads and how many people are clicking on your ad.

List Your Company with Google Business Profile

Local listings used to be in the yellow pages, but now services like Yelp and Google list companies locally on maps and in search results in response to an online search phrase such as “reiki therapists near me” or “lawncare companies in City, State.” Google is one of the main listings out there where you can fill out a profile with your services.

Google now lists local business listings in its search results and on Google Maps search results. Check out the instructions on how to list your business on Google local listings at Google Business Profile. Good news: It’s free.

After you’ve listed your company in free business listings and set up an advertising program, you want to enhance your credibility by appearing in organic search results, which means your business appears when someone searches for a business like yours, not in the advertising listings up top but in the natural search results that pop up as a good fit for the search term a user is searching. You can appear in organic search by becoming a popular website for users or becoming a blogger writing about terms people search for (i.e. content marketing with good SEO).

To appear in Google organic search, create a website that puts keywords people look for when searching for your type of business into headers, page descriptions, and titles. Then fill out your website pages with useful information on topics people search for. For example, if you are a lawncare business, write a few pages on lawncare for the homeowner for spring, summer, and fall. You can test a few search phrases in Google yourself and see what the autofill suggests to see what people are searching. Then, start a blog on your website to create new content. Google doesn’t rank static pages as highly as websites that regularly update with relevant content, because they want to produce the most recent relevant results to people’s searches. For tips on how to set up your website and blog with good searchable SEO (Search Engine Optimization), check out the SEMRush SEO blog. If you don’t want to try and work with SEO, you can always use build in SEO tools such as Yottled.

Now you’re an expert in how to list your company on Google!