Training Day Personal Fitness

Yottled is the fastest way to start your fitness business online without the burden of 3rd party plugins, coding, or complex website builders.

Training Day Personal Fitness started their online business with easy by getting an all-in-one solution that enabled payment processing, memberships, classes, and more. 

Training Day Personal Fitness

Joselius Malave is a trainer and motivational speaker who started Training Day, a small business that uses the Yottled platform to run training courses for people preparing for military training and bootcamp through classes and private training sessions. He’s a self-described people person, highly engaging, and loves working with clients over the platform to help support them.

“I was in the military and was a sheriff,” Malave says. “Yottled is military friendly, and I love that. I train people preparing for training academy.” It was the fastest and easiest way to start a fitness business online.

How Training Day Personal Fitness Started an Online Business

How to Start a Fitness Business with Yottled

Malave says he found the Yottled platform online and stuck with it because of the affordability and outstanding customer service. It was easy to start a fitness business. “The Yottled staff were respectful and welcoming,” Malave says of his early interactions and ongoing communication with the Yottled team. Malave has used the platform to host one-on-one training sessions and group classes remotely during the pandemic, and plans to use the flexible platform that allows remote classes on any video platform with a hybrid approach in person and online going forward. “I’m in New Jersey, and have clients in Florida and North Carolina,” Malave says. “Yottled allows me to keep them after the pandemic.”

Malave uses the Yottled platform to build a business with features from classes to scheduling and payment processing that are explained by Yottled staff as they come online or any time he has a question. “Yottled is new but adding features and they get on it and they own it,” Malave says. “…That’s meaningful to me. I’ve met so many people on the staff, and they’re so alive and bright. I love love love that, because I’m a business person but I’m a people person.”

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