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Trying to figure out how to start an online coaching business?Tammy D’alesandro at Talygo Flow was too and moved online in less than one day with Yottled.Tammy runsa mindfulness, meditation, and movement business that teaches people to flow peacefully with their own energy. She had done things in person, and was trying to figure out how to start her online coaching business.

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Unlike many coaches who seek a big platform for exposure, D’alesandro was looking for personalized attention and a community feel, which is important to her brand and her values as a person. “I found Yottled through the girl creating my website,” D’alesandro says. “I told her I needed a place to host my classes. But I didn’t want to be on a big platform where I would get lost.” 

Yottled allowed Tammy to start her online coaching business with everything she needed:

How Talygo Flow Started an Online Coaching Business

How Yottled Works For a Coach’s Business

Talygo Flow hosts movement classes, including a “flow” part of the class where clients sign up for a 40-minute session. D’alesandro has also created a meditation course in which she has clients dial in to a live class remotely. “We meditated over a specific topic,” D’alesandro explains. It’s a creative way to host a meditation class live without losing the connectedness of an in-person event that follows a particular narrative or theme. D’alesandro says she found there was more participation from meditation when sitting with everyone remotely, which everyone enjoyed. She’s looking forward to uploading a library of content soon, so she can create classes that are available on demand. “Yottled is like a small family-feel community,” she says. “People are missing connection right now. You’ll get that connection even though it’s virtual.” It’s simple and easy to start an online coaching business with Yottled.

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