Invoice Templates for Small Business

Learn how to create invoices instantly and get paid faster with professional business invoice templates. We’ll show you how to create recurring and branded invoices for any service or business type.

Whether you’re so new to business you’re still asking, “What’s an invoice?” or you’re a seasoned pro, having some templates or tips on how to create an invoice can help simplify when you need to send a bill to a customer.

If you use Word or a similar program, you can pull up a template and fill it out. Or, find a free invoice template online. But these days, you don’t need to have a separate document for an invoice: you can create an invoice directly in payment processing apps or on platforms like Yottled or Quickbooks. The key to a professional invoice is, you need to include the right info, and make it easy to read.

Here are some easy ideas for creating professional invoices for your business. We’ve arranged them by type of service so it’s easier to label them for your own use. Don’t want to do DIY it? We’ve got you covered here with an automated invoice template for any business or service type.

Details to Include in a Product Invoice

Make sure you include the following info in a product invoice:

Details to Include in a One-Time Service Invoice

If you’re invoicing for a one-time service, include these details:

With a service invoice or a product invoice, there is often a comment section available after the service and price, where you can send a note of thanks to your customer. This is a great way to connect with your clients and encourage them to come back! It’s simple and easy to create these types of business invoices with templates that are provided by software.

Monthly Invoice Template

Monthly invoices are more common if you’re billing a recurring service. If you have a regular monthly invoice, you should have places to include extra fees for carryover balance. These types of business invoice templates can be hard to maintain without software to help you keep track. Info you should include: