The Yottled Journal – July

(edited to changed title)

What is this?

Will and I thought we would take the time to share what we’re doing from the business perspective.  What we’re learning each week, trying to do with our customers, and how we’re trying to make Yottled successful.

Who is likely to read this?

We would expect anyone in the tech industry to benefit from this blog.  It’s a weekly update of what we’re trying.  This is our first post.

Some context before reading further

Will and I are two people that want others to succeed. Our goal is to enable others to make money…and we want to make money too. We work full time at Cisco and StockX and this is a side project we work on during PTO, at night, and on the weekends. We’re investing our own money and time to make this as delightful as possible. We don’t know if we’ll be able to “get funding”, turn this into something profitable, or…who knows what…but at the very least…maybe someone else can benefit from our learnings.

What has been done so far?

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Micro goals:

This week was insane.  On the acquisition side:

We started seeing new sign ups and attributed it to the refactoring of our marketing site.  It was much simpler, cleaner, and got to the point.  We’ll likely add a page in the future that expands on our features but the objective results speak for themselves.

Daily, weekly, 14 day, and 28 day active users with our production application. Will and Trevor put in Yottled filtering on July 6, meaning that if you’re part of the Yottled team, we started filtering out that from the analytics.

We saw more engaged sign ups. People were emailing us questions about features, pricing, and we even got our first bug!  We were so excited to see our customers asking us questions about our product.  Our goal is to super serve our clients.  Every interaction with us should be a delight so when they walk away, even if they don’t become a customer, they have a positive experience.  We’re creating an experience that people love, that people want to work with, and that people want to be a part of.

Every interaction with us should be a delight so when they walk away, even if they don’t become a customer, they have a positive experience.

We also refreshed the application itself and saw improvements.  Will has implemented subtle prompts to encourage customers to complete actions.  Customers are completing the Stripe sign up and we also have links that can push people directly to specific spots in the app for re-engagement after drop off.

Finally, group classes are a large feature for us.  It’s no longer a one to one relationship for a coach but a one to many.  Further, it enables us, Yottled, to use our platform to market to anyone.  The network effects are astounding. This also unlocks a b2b play…but we’ve got a ways to go before we can fracture our product.  For now, we focus on one primary customer and laser focus on delighting the coach.

Our group class launch for this week can be read here.

Thanks for reading.  Talk soon.


Trevor and Will