New Platform by Yottled Helps Coaches Make More Money Online

Surprising trend has shown coaches can actually make more money online, while customers pay less for the same service.

ANN ARBOR, MICH – September 14, 2020 – Yottled, a new platform to help people coach clients online, launched their product today that empowers fitness and wellness professionals to make more money while significantly reducing costs for clients.

In just a few minutes, a coach is ready to accept payments and host live virtual classes for up to 100 people.  Yottled’s simple, easy to use technology includes live video calls, event registration, notifications, the ability to accept credit card payments, and more.  Instead of spending time developing websites and payment platforms, Yottled enables coaches to focus on fitness, wellness, and their clients.

During Yottled’s early access program, coaches hosting classes made an average of $94 per hour while clients paid an average of $6 per class.  Before Yottled, the same coaches made an average of $20 per hour working for gyms and studios.  Clients previously paid an average of $30 to $36 per class when working out in a gym or studio group class.

Allison Marshal Folley, Professional Dance Instructor: “A big benefit that I have found with Yottled, is that I used to make $30 per hour after a 2 hour commute to the studio.  Now I’m making $70 to $100 per hour with no commute.”

Every coach creates a branded, personal page. They can host a class for up to 100 people or a one on one session for simple automated scheduling. Coaches get setup in just a few minutes and then share their classes and pages on social media.

Disrupting fitness and wellness business models

Yottled was designed with a simple User Interface for both the coach and the client.  The results are increased revenue for coaches, decreased cost to clients, with the convenience of working from anywhere.

Trevor Hough, Co-Founder and CEO expands on the economic benefits, “Coaches don’t have the overhead of gyms or studios.  They can have more people attend since there is no physical limit.  Coaches are extending the savings to their clients and which translates to cheaper, more convenient classes.”

About Yottled

Yottled’s mission is to enable financial success of coaches and their clients regardless of their location and understanding of technology.  Yottled’s simple, easy to use experience empowers coaches with video calls, event registration, notifications, the ability to accept credit card payments, and more.  Yottled is founded by Trevor Hough and Will Guedes, former residents of Google, Facebook, and Duo Security.  Try it for free at


Trevor Hough, Co-Founder and CEO