Recurring Events and More

Holy smokes do we have a massive update for our hosts.  We have so many exciting things to talk about.  Let’s just get to it!  Don’t want to read the whole thing?  Here’s what you should know:

A Brand New Yottled

We have a brand new Yottled experience!

New design

Your home screen has been re-designed to highlight main items.  You can quickly see what’s next, stats, view your public page, create an experience, and share your page.  We’ve also simplified the menu to highlight your calendar, appointments, members, and view more.


You’re able to quickly dive into the most important actions:

New menu

The redesigned bottom menu provides a more cohesive experience:

Recurring Events

Create simple, delightful, recurring events.  We’ve designed this in mind for simplicity for the host, and ease of use for the client.  Ready?

When you create events now, you’ll be asked about the cadence.  We’ll be sure to show you exactly how many events you’re creating, which days you’re making the event, and how it will appear.

When you create the event, it then shows on your calendar as recurring.

Need to edit, delete, or remove a recurring event?  You’ll have all the flexibility there too.

Best part, each individual recurring event gets its own video link.  Why?  So you can rest assured that clients still need to register for each session.  You’ll get details of everyone that registered.


Your Yottled calendar has been totally redesigned.  You now have a list of all events and appointments in one place.

Clicking on any event or appointment, gives you all the details you need.

We have few FAQ that we’ve heard from our beta testers:

Link Sharing

Have you previously shared your Yottled page on social?  It didn’t look great, did it?  We’re sorry about this and have made this way better.  Thanks to our new engineer, Everest, links now include a preview of your images and about you!


Our number one goal at Yottled is meetings booked.  Everything we’re building has a focus on increasing the number of meetings that you as the host are getting.

You can now invite people however you want.  Facebook, twitter, email, or direct links to send in other platforms.

With your emails, we’ve pre-formatted text for you, however you’re also able to customize these however you like!

More in Free

We’ve added more to our Free Edition!

Check it out!

Want to check out Yottled for hosting events and appointments?  Sign up for free here!  We can’t wait to work with you!

Trevor and Will