Running a Yoga Business with Dre & Jac

Yottled for Small Business

Yottled is the fastest way to run your yoga business online without the burden of 3rd party plugins, coding, or complex website builders. It can be used in multiple ways to run your small business, particularly if your business is includes content and services.

Dre and Jac Yoga have been running their yoga business online using simple, easy to use software.

Dre & Jac Yoga Classes

“With COVID hitting, our yoga studio became unsafe,” says Andrea Roman of Dre & Jac Yoga. “I tried to do Zoom classes on my own and felt a little chaotic.” Roman says it was super easy switching to Yottled to host remote events and process payments. “Plus I could do donation collections.” Roman runs the yoga business on the side of another profession, so she wanted a simple way to host classes where people could pay varying amounts for a class.

Yottled’s feature to automatically track and communicate with class registrants also makes it a lot easier to host these classes without the extra work of handling the communications herself to remind students about class. “I had never thought of that as being as big a benefit as it is,” she says.

Running a Yoga Business with Dre and Jac

How Yottled Works For Remote Yoga Teachers

“We want to connect with people who miss yoga class or want to try for the first time at home,” Roman says of her growing client list of yoga enthusiasts. “The reach for our content has improved.” 

“I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a studio,” Roman concludes. “A lot of people say this is the only option they have for classes.” Roman loves the recurring events feature so she can set an event that happens every week and forget it. Also, she can connect her class to any video platform. “We were using Google Meet,” she says, “but now we can use any platform.” Plans for the future include hosting hybrid events that are live in-person and include remote participants. “The opportunity to make money as an independent instructor is way higher than in a studio,” Roman reflects. “It’s the difference between $20 an hour and $100 an hour with no commute.” It’s never been easier to run a yoga business from anywhere.

Check Out Yottled

You can sign up for a free Yottled account here. Contact us about how we can help you get started customizing the platform for your business.