The Best Software Tools for Landscaping Businesses in 2022

Do you run a landscaping business? Tired of paperwork and appointment scheduling being all over the place? Good news. We’re living in the age of enablement software created for every business type, and landscaping now has its own industry software tools. Here are our top picks for the best software tools for landscaping businesses in 2022.

#1. Yottled

Yottled is a flexible CRM for service businesses that provides an all-in-one approach. It focuses on simple and easy booking and payments so you never miss an opportunity to earn a new customer. Further, Yottled automates marketing to stay in touch with your customers, helps your clients book appointments with you and pay online seamlessly so you can focus on running your business, and now offers subscription payment options and invoicing.

You can create estimates, manage maintenance, track history, and more.

Yottled starts at $49/mo.

#2. SingleOps

SingleOps is a tool built for several industries including landscaping. SingleOps manages your landscaping and residential lawncare maintenance business with cloud-based CRM software. This means the service is affordable, scalable as you grow, and you can keep in touch with customers. With SingleOps, you can create estimates, manage routine maintenance scheduling, track crews, and track leads.

SingleOps starts at $200/mo.

#3. Thryv

Thryv is a software tool created for landscaping businesses. The focus with Thryv is to help you manage scheduling on your existing calendars, and integrate estimates, invoicing and payments online. You also have an on the spot payment option for customers, using credit card processing. The Thryv tool integrates with QuickBooks. If this works with how your business is organized, you might save a lot of time using a one-stop tool for these functions. Thryv also has its own Yelp-style listings to help your business get noticed online, which we love.

Thryv does not display public pricing.

#4. LMN

LMN has literally every feature you could want – at a cost. It’s a great software tool for landscaping businesses but it’s showing it’s age and you’re going to pay for it. Like…really pay for it.

You’ll be able to quote, bill, manage crews, and more. It’s so comprehensive that you should at least consider looking at it. However – we found the end user experience was difficult to understand as the client of the business. Further, LMN requires set up costs and training.

LMN starts at $197/mo plus a one time $847 implementation fee. It’s a lot considering the alternatives that are in the space that provide better user experience.