My name is Cris Jones and I am the Host Success Manager at Yottled. I truly enjoy helping people find ways to reach their full potential through powers of their own they never thought they had.

What I do at Yottled

I’m here to help your transition into online engagements be as smooth as possible. If you need a step by step walkthrough on how to build your platform, advice, or want to collaborate on building your community, I’m here to help.  Every question is worth asking. 

I built my community from ground zero through Yottled. I’ll collaborate with you to make sure we can meet your use cases and objectives.  I want you to succeed too!


March 2020 through September 2020, I was hosting events online.  I was employed by my local gym and was using their Zoom platform.  It was difficult to use because I had never hosted events online before!  And for that matter…neither did my clients!

I had to reach out to all of my clients to let them know about events.  Reminders were not there.  Everything was my own responsibility.  I was paid by the gym per class based on the number of attendees, yet everything still fell on me.  Getting clients, maintaining the clients, reminders.  Everything.

I found Yottled in September 2020 when I was looking for a simpler, easier way to run my business.  Yottled took care of everything.  Events, appointments…even a website to show everything.  I had previously tried to setup a website using WIX, GoDaddy, and GoMotion…but none of them solved my problem for simple event creation with reminders, payments, and video.

I had a vision of having my own virtual gym where other trainers could share their skills on my platform, like a brick and mortar gym.  Yottled not only gave me what I was looking for but it gave me a way to continue to grow my community virtually.

I was then offered a position as a Host Success Manager to help others grow their communities!  I can’t wait to help you grow your business and realize the same level of success.

My top 10 tips

Connect with me!

I want to hear about how you are succeeding while using Yottled, and also how things are hard. With Yottled, we all have an opportunity to build a community of people and connect with them to share any skill we have!

Come say hey!

If you wanted help setting up your experience, I’d be honored to talk with you about what I found to be successful and what was challenging for me. If you have any questions on how to figure it out I can help.  You are not alone. Shoot me an email at [email protected] or grab some time with me on my schedule here. I Got You Either Way.