Yottled, an all-in-one scheduling software for small business, launched their product today to help small businesses save 20 hours per week while also increasing sales by at least 29%.

Yottled’s scheduling software provides an all-in-one approach for small businesses that operate in service industries. Starting with a website, Yottled’s revolutionary software helps companies manage their clients, communicate with customers, facilitate payments, advertise their services, host classes and events, and automate scheduling. All with a single tool.

Sales can increase by at least 29% using a platform like Yottled. Further, Yottled customers have shown to save up to 20 hours per week by using Yottled’s all-in-one approach.

Scheduling Software for Small Business enables simple classes and events

“Since the beginning of the year, we’ve more than doubled the number of transactions we’re facilitating on behalf of our customers each quarter,” Yottled CEO Trevor Hough said. “Small businesses are excited to have everything in one place in a simple, easy to use software.”

Scheduling Software for Small Business enables simple marketing campaigns

The primary reason for growth? Easy to use software backed by a team that cares. “Yottled’s user-friendly platform eliminates the need for multiple apps. The simple approach to technology makes it easy for you to get up and running. Yottled will take care of your business. They care about you,” says Tim Faucette of TF Fitness.

Scheduling Software for Small Business enables simple payments

Yottled has focused on establishing community partnerships to help it scale its scheduling software for small businesses. As an example, the Functional Aging Institute and Black Business Boom both provide exclusive discounts to their communities for signing up to Yottled.

About Yottled

Yottled’s mission is to enable financial success of businesses and their clients.  Yottled’s simple, easy to use scheduling software for small business is focused on service industries.  Yottled is founded by Trevor Hough and Will Guedes, former residents of Google, Facebook, and Duo Security.  Try it for free here.



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