Easy content management

Post events and content on any website in minutes - not days - with built in marketing, automated notifications, and customer management.

Simple. Fast. Easy.

It usually takes four people 5 to 7 days to create a piece of content on a marketing site.

The web admin to create the landing page.

The CRM admin to send marketing emails.

The webinar admin to create the Zoom link.

The marketing person to create the copy.

With Yottled, you need 1 person and 3 minutes.

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Post Content

Create beautiful landing pages that integrate with any website. You content, services, and events are posted in minutes.


Gather Analytics

Every customer record is automatically updated when a registration or purchase happens so your customer data is always up to date.  As additional questions with custom intake forms and send targeted emails with automated marketing to increase sales.


Automate Marketing

Connect to your CRM or use Yottled’s to automate marketing. With 1 click, send notifications to customers that your new content, service, or event is available.


Accept Credit Cards

Still sending payment links? Trying to figure out how to get people to pay you? Within seconds, you’ll be able to charge for anything. Services, events, content, and more. No plugins or coding. Fast and simple. It takes less than 3 minutes to get a credit card processing in place.

Post anything from anywhere

List your services and content -
no matter where it lives.

Your services on any site with integrations for any tool

🌐 Any Site

Get a white label experience, automated reminders, and more.  Keep people on your website so they learn more about you, not your payment processor.

🛠️ Any tool

Save time by syncing Yottled with your CRM or payment processor so you can do more exciting things.  Like delight your customers.

How it works

It takes less than 30 seconds to get started

  1. Pick a personal site name
  2. List your services and content
  3. Launch your site
  • Registration page
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Smart timezone adjustment for attendees
  • Personalize host page with all upcoming offerings
  • Attendee management tool
  • Third-party integrations
  • and much, much, more…

Don't take our word for it

From fitness instructors to real estate agents, Yottled has enabled thousands of people to reach more clients, host more engaging events, and get higher attendance.